A Permaculture inspired family homestead.


We have a few other irons in the fire this year. Maybe next year…

What We Do

  • Pastured Poultry

    As disciples of Joel Salatin, we utilize the pasture method for raising of Broiler Chickens, Thanksgiving Turkeys, and Eggs. As the seasons permit, our birds spend their days out in the field scratching the ground for insects, greens and wild seed. We also breed our laying hens to provide locals with spring layer chicks and sustainable meat birds.

  • Maine Woods Pork

    Pigs are one of the most intelligent domesticated animals, and one of the fastest animals to turn to a wild state if allowed to do so and this means that they have very strong instincts. The industrial method of raising pork simply doesn't allow a pig to be a pig. If it isn't a pig then what are you eating? Our pigs free range in a woodland paddock where they can engage in much of their natural behavior.

  • Produce

    Conventional methods of raising crops involves tilling the soil and making amendments year after year. Even when done organically, this requires an unsustainable amount of inputs, and contributes to soil erosion. Our gardens emulate nature where mulching prevents soil compaction, erosion, and weed competition while retaining moisture, building new soil, and allowing plant roots to naturally seek their required nutrient and acidity depths.

  • Other Goods

    There are many facets to any Homestead operation, and from time to time may produce excessive maple syrup, chaga, baked goods, preserves, as well as butter and cheeses using creme sourced from our neighborhood grass-fed dairies.

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